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Selecting the Right
Section for Your Home.

Finding a section you love is hard. And when you do, it’s probably not going to be perfect.

‘Oh well’, you think. ‘So we’ll need to level it out, or build a pole house, or build around that stand of protected trees…how hard can that be?’

Most building challenges can be overcome, it’s true. But every complication or non-standard element you add to your build will increase your costs.

Anything that is set back from the road will probably cost you more to build. That’s because it will cost more to run services to the site, and to prepare a driveway.

A site that doesn’t have good infrastructure (such as power or water) will also create large costs.

If the land is not flat, you’ll probably have to pay for engineering and earthmoving. Those are not small costs—they can add thousands of dollars to your budget– so you need to know from the start what you might be up for.

One of our clients had chosen a sloping site with a grade greater than 1:4. After we inspected it, we told him that it would put him $80,000 over his budget.

What’s the solution? Choose your section carefully—and get good advice. We always do a thorough site inspection, and we’ll give you an honest appraisal. That inspection could save you thousands of dollars.