The Riva Story

For us, a home is more than a house. Homes are where families are nurtured and memories made. 


We built the home we live in, and we know what a complex and worrying business building your own home can be.

So when we started Riva Homes, we started by asking ourselves: if we were building a new home now, what would we want?


We decided that we’d want to have a builder we could trust. That’s key. We’d also want to be given all the information we need in a simple way we could understand.


We’d want to work with people who really listened to us, and were genuinely helpful. So we set out to make those values the foundations of Riva Homes.


Treating customers as people, not numbers.

Riva Homes was born when Gerad, a Master Builder with 20 years’ experience under his belt, saw a gap in the market.

Together, Danielle and Gerad started Riva Homes with a mission in mind: to create homes that Kiwi families want – not what builders say they can have.

Meet the
Riva Team.

Gerad Lett – Director and Master Builder

Gerad is our Man of Action, leading every Riva build – making sure your build happens on time and to budget. Married to Danielle, he’s also a Master Builder with more than 20 years’ experience. Gerad manages the build teams and oversees the workmanship that goes into each Riva home. When you see him onsite at your dream-home-in-making, you can expect him to be straight-up but friendly, making sure to build the custom-made home that you want.

Danielle Lett – Marketing and Sales Manager

Danielle is the Riva Marketing and Sales Manager (and everything in between). A mum with 15 years of hands-on experience in business and marketing management, Danielle helps run Riva behind the scenes, delivering the right people and solutions to your project. And like a good host, she’s always up for a laugh. Nothing dims that smile!

Customer Relationship Manager

After our superstar Customer Champion has added to her wee family we need another superstar to shine for the Riva team! Could it be you? Are you sick of the commute to town and an East/South Auckland based job sounds good? Get in touch with us.

Simon - Site Foreman & Builder

Simon started a building apprenticeship at 16, and has worked locally (in East Auckland) for most of his career. He lived in Melbourne for 2 years, before returning to Auckland to start a family with his partner – they now have two young children. When he’s not building, Simon can be found entertaining, with a passion for cooking for friends and family. Simon’s a great asset to the Riva team – and Riva can give him a great opportunity for growth!

Dean - 4th Year Apprentice

Dean got into building as he always wanted to be an architect growing up and coming to the end of his school years he thought may as well do something physical – so why not build. Dean’s our “details man” and enjoys working with fine quality timber and other quality work. In his spare time he likes going fishing or going out with mates. He has a huge passion for travel. Dean believes Riva stands for going that extra mile to take the weight off of the clients shoulders and providing a top quality service. He likes working with a dynamic, young, fit and positive team, where the team always brings good work ethic to the table and strives for the best.

Jimmy - LBP Builder

Jimmy has worked for Riva on and off since 2015 (contracting). He has over 21 years experience in the NZ building industry, including building new homes for large group home builders. He has a great sense of humour and keeps the young guys in check.

Martin - 4th Year Apprentice

Martin started building when he was 19 because he loves working with his hands and always wanted to learn a trade. Martin’s willingness to work and wanting to better himself as a tradesman, and to do his best for the customer, are what makes him a great builder. Working for Riva Homes means he can be part of a great team that clients can trust and rely on consistently. He grew up in Auckland. He loves the outdoors, going fishing and hunting, hiking and skateboarding. He’s proud to say his team are all honest, hard working and reliable people.


Linda graduated from the University Of Southern California (USA) with an accounting degree. She worked in the Finance and Construction department for Intel – a semiconductor manufacturer over 15 years in Taiwan, Singapore and China. Along with her husband Alex and son Theodore, they moved to Auckland in September 2009. Linda has been on the Riva journey since year 2016 as account administrator. She enjoys working with Riva Homes because it is professional, friendly and a results oriented company. During her spare time, Linda likes watching reality TV shows, eating spicy food and exploring new activities. 

Our Extended Riva Homes Family

Part of building trust is having a team of contractors and tradespeople we know and have complete confidence in. Our team forms part of the Riva Homes family. These are people and businesses who share our values of treating our customers with respect and of being open and honest. They live up to our strict quality standards and we make sure they deliver a product we can stand by.