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5 Top Tips for
Building Your New Bathroom.

Bathrooms are an important selling point for any house. That’s because people know they are expensive to re-do, so they want the bathroom to be both pleasant and functional. Here are our 5 top tips for getting a great bathroom in your new home.

1. Have a separate toilet

When they are building, people often think that they can ‘steal’ space for another area by including the toilet in the bathroom, rather than having it separate. And they often regret it later.  We’ve found that separate toilets are more in demand, and they’re a good selling point. Have a separate toilet if you can.

2. Have a stand-alone shower

Many of us grew up with a shower over the bath, or even just a bath. But attitudes to bathrooms have changed, and most people now expect a separate shower.  It’s important to think of future mobility too. Will you or anyone in the family ever have trouble climbing in or out of a bath?

3. People expect more luxurious bathrooms than in the past

For previous generations, bathrooms were largely functional—a place you went in to just to wash. For many of us now, bathrooms are also a place of rest and refuge. They’re a place where we relax and pamper ourselves. People like a private bathroom that feels good. So think about how to make your bathroom a restful place.  We can help with ideas.

4. Think about bathroom storage

People are generally more concerned with personal grooming than in the past, and they have more products to do it. Hairdryers, straighteners, beauty products, cleaners…all usually need to be stored in the bathroom. Make sure you allow room for them.

5. Plan your plumbing carefully

Plumbing is expensive, and tricky to move. So make sure you get it in the right place at the start.  We’re happy to advise you on this, or any other matters to do with your bathroom. We know how important these parts of your home are.