Riva Homes - Building trust

Our New Customer Relationship
Manager Extends Family Focus.

Our identity as a strongly family-focused business, and our friendly, practical brand get a terrific boost as we welcome to our team Tiffany Bax as Riva’s new Customer Relationship Manager.

Tiffany fits perfectly into our Riva family focus because she really is family – she’s Danielle’s sister. But that isn’t the main reason we hired her. Tiffany also brings with her brilliant skills in understanding and meeting customers’ needs. She’s spent her whole career honing those skills.

Working in marketing at Farmers, Tiffany was involved in the launch of the successful loyalty programme, Farmers Club. From there, she went to Loyalty New Zealand, where she was a Key Account Manager of major Kiwi brands for 4 years. She then moved into analytics, where she worked alongside Insight Managers to take data and use it to identify customers’ behaviours needs. A stint at Placemakers gave Tiffany valuable understanding of the building sector, including the build process and stages, and helped her to build useful relationships with suppliers and merchants.

‘I love working out what will work best for people and designing a solution that meets their needs’, says Tiffany. ‘I’ve always admired and loved the Riva brand. It’s family orientated, honest, helpful and top quality . It was easy for me to fit in here.’

Being family, literally, means she shares the same Kiwi values of honesty, flexibility, and true value that drive Riva. And there are no communication problems. ‘I’ll be talking to lots of customers, and I’m looking forward to meeting them’, she says.

Tiffany’s in the process of building her own home at Te Kauwhata, so she knows what people go through when they’re having a home built. ‘It’s not easy, and you really need wise help and advice from people you can trust. That’s what I’ll be helping to provide at Riva Homes.’ You’ll be hearing more from Tiffany. If you’d like to get in touch directly, or arrange a time for a cuppa and a chat, email her on tiffany@rivahomes.co.nz or call her on 021748201