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5 Key Tips for Avoiding Spring
Fever When Planning Your New Home.

Spring is sprung—5 key tips for avoiding Spring Fever when planning your new home

What is it about Kowhai in bloom, spring growth, and all those lambs frolicking in the fields that make us want to do something new? As the sap rises, many of us turn our thoughts to fresh beginnings. It’s a perfect time to move towards that dream of a new home. But it’s also a time when some of us rush into things too rashly. Here’s 5 things to tick off, to make sure you don’t get carried away with Spring fever.

1. Know your budget, and stick to it

When it comes to building, most of us are unrealistic about how much we can get for our money. We’ll help you set the right level and quality for your budget and lifestyle. We have suggestions for good, better and best, and we can customise for you.

2. Find the right site for you

It’s not easy to find the land that will work for your new home. What you choose will usually involve making compromises. So think carefully about what you need. An older couple may need to be close to amenities, like shops and health care. For a younger family, space may be the most important factor and a steep section may be fine.

We’re happy to give feedback on the site you’re thinking about, and discuss it with you to make sure you get it right.

3. Look carefully at what you do and don’t like—and why

The earlier you can start to identify what you like and what you don’t in a house, the better. It will make it much easier for your building company to give you a realistic quote. Driving around looking at houses you like, and photographing them, is a good idea. Cutting out of photographing homes (or parts of homes) that appeal is also useful.  Try to identify why you like, or dislike something. That will help you get what you want.

There are a couple of great websites that can help you narrow down what you most like. One is Houzz where you can easily create your own ‘look book’. Another is Pinterest where you can create a board, search, or browse categories.

And we’re always happy to talk to you, to ask you necessary questions and help you identify what you want in your home.

4. Start to think about fittings

When you build a house, there are many decisions to be made about fittings, flooring, lighting, and so on.  Just like the suggestions we made above about a ‘look book’, it’s a good idea to identify what you like. The classic way to do this is to visit suppliers’ showrooms. Again, photos or brochures are useful.

But all that can take a lot of time. We’ll happily take the pressure off you by putting together packages and options that meet your needs.

5. Find a builder who really listens

Building your home is a huge, important project, and it’s vital to find a builder who gets you. You need someone who knows you’re an individual, not just a faceless number. Make sure you have a building company you can talk to, and who listens.